Wednesday, 19 January 2011

German Bite Magazine Issue 1

In October 2009 Issue 1 of my magazine "German Bite" was unleashed on the world in an issue of 150 copies. I have about 10 left now. If anybody reading this would like one, let me know and it's yours. 78 A4 pages in length, it featured extensive interviews with Val Denham and Princess Julia (each 17 pages in length), long articles about Fad Gadget (19 pages) and R.W.Fassbinder (9 pages) and shorter articles about Sheila Keith, Oskar Schlemmer and "Warm Leatherette". There were reviews of Kraftwerk(Manchester) and Depeche Mode(Munich), too, as well as 100 listening suggestions for when reading Issue 1 of "German Bite". Over the next few weeks I'll begin to post up these articles.


People seemed to like it, too, so I'm working now on Issue 2.

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